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Excuses, reasons, explanations, I don’t want to hear
apologies, regrets, confessions mean useless
Today I realized, recognized, learned that sometimes it isn’t worth to oppose
I didn’t ask for an apology, I didn’t ask to talk about. All I wanted is to move on and joy the night out.
I can write all day, I can stay this way, but letters, print, correspondence have no mood, sentiment nor context
Fine, keep it this way, ok, enjoy your ways. Continue your own way and live the world of self first.
It had been fun, I enjoyed the little time, refuse to go back to moments I left behind.
I don’t want to waste time, I like to look ahead
I’m moving on and wish you the best.
This time is for you, this time is for your ways, keep typing thoughts, keep printing your life away.
Is time to enjoy and time to say Next.

By Roberto Araujo


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